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 Learn about the process and importance of obtaining an officially notarized birth certificate translation when applying for all greece authorities

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 Learn about the process and importance of obtaining an officially notarized birth certificate translation when applying for all greece authorities


A birth certificate is a legal document issued by the Ministry of the Interior or the Population Manager in the State of Israel, serving as an official state confirmation of a newborn’s birth. This crucial document includes essential details such as the newborn’s name, gender, parents’ names, place, and date of birth. While modern Israeli birth certificates come with inscriptions in both English and Hebrew, older certificates are solely in Hebrew. Additionally, many Israeli citizens are born abroad or need to present their birth certificate in countries where English is not the primary language. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the significance of birth certificate translation and the various scenarios in which it is essential.

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ImmigrationCouples or individuals immigrating to foreign countries require translation
Work Permits and VisasSpouses applying for work permits or visas need translated certificates
Obtaining a European PassportEuropean passport holders need translations for citizenship transfer
Marriage Certificates Issued AbroadCouples marrying abroad with foreign certificates require translation
Scenarios Requiring Marriage Certificate Translation

The Need for Birth Certificate Translation

The translation of a birth certificate becomes necessary in several scenarios:

  1. Obtaining Foreign Citizenship: To secure foreign citizenship, individuals often need to present various documents, including a birth certificate translated into the language of the country to which they are applying. Thus, the journey toward obtaining foreign citizenship typically begins with a professionally translated birth certificate.
  2. Foreign Passport Issuance: When applying for a foreign passport, applicants are required to present a translated birth certificate. Various other procedures in foreign countries may also demand the presentation of a translated birth certificate.
  3. Immigration: Whether individuals are immigrating to or from the State of Israel, a translated birth certificate is often a mandatory requirement. When it involves a family’s immigration, all family members seeking to immigrate, as well as those already residing in the destination country, may need to present translated birth certificates to establish their relationships.

Our Expertise in Translation

Our law firm, specializing in immigration law, offers reliable and professional translation services for a wide range of documents, including birth certificates. We ensure swift and accurate translations into the language required by our clients.

ImmigrationAllows foreign authorities to recognize marital status for immigration
Work Permits and VisasProvides evidence of legal marital status for work permit and visa applications
Obtaining a European PassportNecessary for passing European citizenship to children with foreign marriages
Social Rights, Insurance, Inheritance, and MoreProves marital status for accessing various rights and benefits
Benefits of Marriage Certificate Translation

Given the importance of birth certificate details to the certificate holder, accuracy and professionalism are paramount in the translation process. Once you receive a birth certificate translated into your preferred language, it can undergo notarization by a qualified notary. This notarial certificate affirms the accuracy and correspondence of the translated birth certificate to the original document.

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Apostille Certificate

An apostille confirmation is a validation issued by the country where the birth certificate was originally issued. In certain cases, an apostille confirmation is necessary for the translated birth certificate.

There are two types of apostille certificates relevant to a birth certificate:

  1. Apostille on the Original Birth Certificate: This type of apostille is affixed to the original, untranslated birth certificate to validate the signature of the official who issued the certificate.
  2. Apostille on the Translated Birth Certificate: This apostille confirms the notary’s signature on the translated birth certificate, ensuring its international validity.

Our law firm manages the process of obtaining an apostille certificate to grant international recognition to the notarial translation service.

Expertise in Notarial TranslationThe law firm offers professional, accurate, and reliable translation services
Translation LanguagesProficiency in translating documents into various foreign languages
Certification ProcessTranslator statement and notarial certificate to attest to translation accuracy
Notarial Translation Services

Navigating Bureaucracy with Ease

Amid the maze of bureaucratic procedures involved in immigration, passport issuance, and foreign citizenship applications, a professionally translated birth certificate emerges as a beacon of clarity. It bridges language barriers and provides foreign authorities with the necessary information to process applications efficiently. It is not just a piece of paper; it is a key that unlocks doors to new opportunities, reunites families, and ensures individuals receive the rights and privileges to which they are entitled.

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Ensuring Accuracy in Translation

The translation of a birth certificate goes beyond mere language conversion; it demands precision in replicating vital information. Errors or inaccuracies in translation can lead to administrative complications, delays, or even rejection of applications. This underscores the importance of entrusting your birth certificate translation to a qualified and experienced professional who understands the significance of every name, date, and detail. At our law firm, we recognize the gravity of this task and are dedicated to providing flawless translations that stand up to scrutiny by foreign authorities. Your journey toward international recognition starts with an accurately translated birth certificate, and we are here to ensure its success.


In conclusion, the translation of a birth certificate holds immense significance in various legal, immigration, and official contexts. It allows individuals to navigate the complexities of international recognition of their identity and familial relationships smoothly. Our law firm is well-prepared to assist you with notarial translation services, ensuring that your birth certificate is accurately and efficiently translated to meet the requirements of foreign authorities. Trust us to provide you with the highest level of professionalism and expertise as you embark on this essential process to validate your identity worldwide.

ConclusionLaw Firm Services
Importance of Marriage Certificate TranslationAssistance with notarial translation services for accurate, prompt translation
Expertise and Commitment of the Law FirmProficient in translating marriage certificates and other documents
Trust and ProfessionalismNotarization and certification to meet foreign authorities’ requirements
Conclusion and Law Firm Services
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