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Seeking legal advice for inheritance and will matters can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to a challenging dispute or complex issue. That’s why I’m here as an experienced inheritance lawyer in Israel – offering my clients comprehensive services that protect their rights and effectively manage the complexities of wills, estates, trusts and more. With personalized attention from me every step of the way throughout this process, you’ll have all your questions answered accurately so that you are informed about potential options available to ensure your wishes regarding assets distribution upon death come true. Read on if interested in learning how I may help with various aspects related to these issues!

Inheritance Order Services in Israel

As a lawyer specializing in inheritance law, I can simplify the estate settlement process for you. With extensive legal experience and knowledge of court proceedings in Israel, I am well-equipped to handle your needs with precision and care. From preparing the relevant documents through filing an application at court up until ensuring that all parties involved are legally protected during each step –my comprehensive services guarantee a smooth transition throughout this difficult time.

Will Drafting Inheritance lawyer in Israel Services

My will drafting services in Israel can provide clients with personalised guidance and ensure their inheritance wishes are respected. As an experienced lawyer, I am familiar with all the legal requirements of creating a valid will in this jurisdiction, helping to minimise risks such as disputes or challenges even after you have gone. Whether it’s outlining asset distribution, appointing an executor for your estate or setting up trusts for minors; my expertise is on hand to guide you through every step necessary to protect those who matter most.

Representation in Opposition to a Will in Israel

Inheritance lawyers in israel are available to represent you in challenging a will which does not accurately convey the wishes of the deceased. I can provide comprehensive legal services, from gathering evidence and filing documents with court authorities, to appearing for pleadings on your behalf during proceedings. Having specialized knowledge across all areas of inheritance law -including over extensive experience when it comes to contesting wills-I am well positioned ensure that your rights are safeguarded throughout this process.

Cancellation of Mutual Wills Inheritance lawyer in Israel

When it comes to the cancellation of mutual wills in Israel, I can provide experienced and professional representation. As an experienced attorney specializing in handling such cases, I will ensure that your petition is filed with the court according to all legal requirements while taking care to support its evidence appropriately. Furthermore, if needed, you’ll be represented by me during any necessary court proceedings – allowing for a hassle-free conclusion of this delicate matter.

Preparation of Notarial Wills in Israel

As an inheritance lawyer, I specialize in preparing notarial wills which provide more security and reliability than other forms. With extensive experience crafting these documents to meet all legal requirements of Israel, you can trust that your wishes are carried out after death according to the law. My expertise includes asset distribution consultation and assistance with appointing executors or creating trusts for minor children — ensuring a legally binding will that meets all expectations concerning inheritances.

Representation in Family Courts in Israel in Matters of Wills and Inheritances

If you are involved in a legal dispute related to wills or inheritances, I can provide comprehensive representation before the family courts of Israel. With knowledge and expertise gained from years spent handling inheritance matters, my focus is ensuring that your legal rights remain secure throughout proceedings while providing much-needed guidance on any issues arising along with it. My services include gathering the evidence necessary for successful litigation as well as filing documents required by the court – thus making sure no stone goes unturned when representing you at trial

Our office provides clients with expert advice and representation in cross-border inheritance matters. We make sure that our client’s interests are safeguarded when they have assets or interest abroad, by offering foreign law opinions on the legal implications of Israeli as well as other countries’ laws pertaining to wills and inheritance.

Representation in International Inheritance Matters

Our team of expert lawyers offers up a wealth of experience when it comes to international inheritance matters. We have the knowledge base and legal acumen to provide comprehensive advice on issues ranging from wills to cross-border inheritances, all while safeguarding your interests in multiple jurisdictions, including but not limited to stateside, London, Berlin, and Russia. Let our professionals help simplify what can often be an intricate process

Diverse Team

Our law firm is distinguished by our commitment to exceptional legal services and personalized attention for every client. We are proud of the linguistic richness that comes with having a diverse team from ten countries speaking fourteen languages – including, but not limited to Hebrew, English, Russian French German Spanish Portuguese Arabic Amharic, and Tigrinya. This comprehensive understanding enables us to offer culturally nuanced counsel when assisting clients through sensitive matters such as inheritance or wills..

This service of our family law firm allows our clients to ask questions, seek guidance, and receive personalized advice on any inheritance or will issue they may be facing. Our attorneys can provide assistance with issues such as the right to inheritance in Israel, the right to execute a will in Israel, filing a statement of defense in a family court in Israel, inheritance orders, will claims, court orders, and real estate matters. With our expert legal assistance, you can protect your family and your rights and ensure that your interests are always represented

Our law firm is proud to offer clients convenient access to our experienced attorneys across multiple locations in Israel. Whether visiting the prestigious Azrieli towers in Tel Aviv, and our offices in Kiryat Ono for a suburban experience, or any of our other offices located throughout Haifa and Jerusalem, you can be sure that your legal needs will be addressed with professionalism and expertise. We understand how important it is for busy individuals to receive reliable service without compromising on quality – which we guarantee when you visit one of our many accessible locations!

Table of Contents

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Moshe Friedman
2 reviews
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One of the most busy lawyers I've ever known is nevertheless versatile and capable of dividing her attention, concentrating and dividing her attention to several complex issues at the same time and providing creative solutions
Nava Cohen
3 reviews
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I was content with the professional handling of the subject as addressed by me to this office. The attitude as well was very good .
Eli Niv
2 reviews
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A good lawyer does not need to be content with a professional title. You also have to be a "human being" Attorney Rachel Shahar is like that.. Among the excellent features, I found: Honesty, courtesy and above all fairness... I received a house key service to Petah Habit (Haifa) For notarial issues, I highly recommend... strength
Benny Shaviv
33 reviews
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Attorney Shahar is very professional, kind, pleasant, and available to her clients. I have worked with her on business issues several times and highly recommend her.
Sapir Litichevskey
2 reviews
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Thank you very much for a fast and quality service. They did everything to make me happy. And 3 worked together because I was really in a hurry and this is not obvious. So thank you very much!!!
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